Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Peer Coaching - Football

Hello Class, 

For your Peer Coaching, each student can choose from the following:

 Skills / Concepts to be taught (Choose one only from either skills or concepts):
  • Skills: Dribbling / Passing and Receiving / Shooting / Heading / Defending / Shielding the Ball
  • Concepts: Maintaining Possession through Support Play / Defending / Attacking 

Each group has to assign:
  • Team Manager (Permanent): To inform the teacher of the 'Coach' for that lesson and the coaching sequence.

  • Coach (one student per lesson / each student in the group to peer coach): 
i) Pre-Lesson: Prepares his / her lesson in advance using the 'SST Football Coaching Template'.
ii) conducts his / her peer-coaching for 15 minutes.
iii) Post-Lesson: Writes his reflections of his lesson conducted and submits his 'SST Football Coaching Template' to his teacher within 3 days.

Each coach must assign a videographer to record the relevant part of the 15 minute lesson. The recording must be check for audio and video clarity prior to uploading to the class SW blog.

Any further questions can be directed to your SW teacher.

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