Thursday, 18 April 2013

Design an Exercise Program!

Hello Class, 

For your SW homework:

Each House to post on the class SW Blog:

Design an exercise program specific to (select one):
A) Sports CCA (Name the CCA)
Student candidate: Male, 16 year old, who wants to be selected to the school team. Depending to the Sports CCA selected, the candidate must achieve an 'A' for a particular NAPFA test item (currently the candidate is a 'C' grade for that item).

B) NAPFA (Select one test item from the 6: Standing Broad Jump / 1-minute Sit-Up / 4 x 10m Shuttle Run / Pull-Up / Sit-and-Reach / 2.4km Endurance Run
Student candidate: Male, 16 year old, currently Bronze Award for NAPFA who wants to achieve an 'A' for a particular test item.

The exercise programe lasts for 8-weeks.

How will you assess the progress of this candidate during the duration of the program?

Upload your response as a thread to this post, titled <Color of House>, <Exercise Program>, <Sports CCA or NAPFA Station>.

Date due: Friday, 3 May

*Reminder: Upload your Football video and lesson plan (hardcopy or softcopy via the SW blog) if you have not done so.

Thank you.
Mr. Patrick Hiap

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